Il settimanale di Enrico

Detto medievale: “I giusti camminano, i saggi corrono, gli innamorati volano” - Appuntamento settimanale con la memoria

L’egocentrismo isola l’uomo. L’altruismo genera… fecondità fraterna!

Enrico Tromba


4° Domenica di Pasqua: “Noi siamo suo popolo, gregge che egli guida!”

Lettura del Vangelo

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The artists always reflect the times, so there's a lot to think about, a lot of unknowns, a lot of things that are describable. This is the closest I've seen to the kind of ambience that made the '60s happen. It's not about the artist having a responsibility to do anything. They have to be artists and express themselves and everything will work out fine.
Neil Young
Neil Young

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