Höwler - “The New World Disorder”

E’ uscito “The New World Disorder” dei Höwler.

La Band Höwler del Costa Rica ha pubblicato il loro quarto album dal titolo"Descendants of Evil", fortemente influenzato da atti della Bay Area degli anni '80, come Megadeth, Metallica ed Exodus, c'è anche un accenno di Annihilator in questo mix di velocità, potenza e thrash tecnico. Il thrash metal non muore mai!






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The artists always reflect the times, so there's a lot to think about, a lot of unknowns, a lot of things that are describable. This is the closest I've seen to the kind of ambience that made the '60s happen. It's not about the artist having a responsibility to do anything. They have to be artists and express themselves and everything will work out fine.
Neil Young
Neil Young

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